Are The Brits Taking Over Hollywood?

I’m an actress/writer/producer living in Hollywood.  I love to act, and I’m a grateful member of Screen Actor’s Guild.  I also create my own projects.  My latest is an award winning, comedy online series,  “Dating In The Middle Ages.”

But just for today, like, Michael Chiklis who is pissed off about the Brits in Hollywood, so am I!

Okay, I’m probably going to get a lot of flack for what I’m about to post – so be it, but I’m not alone whether any of you choose to fess up or not…

Here we go – I have nothing against the Brits or any other Actor of a foreign country for that matter.  My beef is with the Networks, Production Companies and Casting Directors that are doing American TV shows and films where they can hire American actors, but DON’T!

Practically every American TV show now has an English/Australian/Russian/Etc., etc., etc., actor in it today.  That’s because (sarcastically) there are no mediocre American actors/actresses in Hollywood.  I say mediocre because the sad truth is, most foreign actors are not that great on American TV shows.

Case in point:

Have you seen the blonde “Queen Of Hearts” on “Once Upon A Time In Wonderland?”   She’s English, and not even mediocre – just bad.  Poor John Lithgow!  (he plays The White Rabbit’s voice) After his brilliant stint on Dexter to have to play next to that!


or what about “Claire Holt” who plays Rebekah Mikaelson on The Originals – Oye Veh!

Theses actresses were chosen (again sarcastically) because there are NO gorgeous, blonde 21-31 year old, (mediocre) American actresses in Hollywood.  WTF???

Okay granted some Brits actresses are good, but really?  There are no good actresses in L.A.???

 And I’m not just going to pick on the ladies here either.  And, (Although he is far from mediocre) we had to bring in David Morrissey to play the “Governor” on “Walking Dead” because there are no 40-50 year old great, veteran American actors in Hollywood??? Again WTF???

Another English Actor in Hollywood

 Nothing against him, but are you kidding me???

 Do you know how many great, veteran Male, 40-50 year old American actors are in L.A?  Thousands!

And what about Aussie Simon Baker on The Mentalist.  Again, ahem…must be no good looking, talented, 40 something actors in Hollywood.

And hiring Brits, Aussies, etc. to do American Accents?   Are Americans not good enough at their own accents?

Only 5% of the 250,000 Screen Actor Guild’s members are working at any given time – that includes American Actors in America.

I wouldn’t be so P.O.’d about it if the Brits reciprocated and hired American Actors/Actresses – But do they? No!  They don’t!

Anyway, open for debate below…have at it.

1 Rogue Cowgirl (follow me on twitter @1roguecowgirl)

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