Before you start Marketing your web series…


Exactly “what is a Niche” you ask?  Good Question.

Wikipedia says: A niche market is the subset of the market on which a specific product is focusing.

When writing a web series, although you should definitely “write what you know,” you should also (in my humble opinion) keep in mind what demo/market you’re going after to view your series when it’s done. After all (most of us) don’t write, act, and/or produce for ourselves.

So always have the “niche” in mind. And if you’re lucky, your series will appeal to not one but several of these.

For instance in “Dating In The Middle Ages”

…the lead character Samantha Collins is a historical romance writer who is looking for her Mr. Right through a series of bad dates. Each episode is a continuation of the other so it has a serial or soap opera feel to it, even though it’s a comedy.  She is also prone to day dreaming up medieval fantasies where she sometimes breaks out in a song and dance number.

So possible niches for this show could be:

Market:  Soap Opera –

Niche Market:  Soap Operas, Funny Soap Operas

Market:  Mommy Bloggers –

Niche Market:  Empty Nesters, Divorced Mommies, Dating Mommies

Market: Dating –

Niche Markets: Dating Over Forty, Divorcee Dating, Singles Over 40

Market: Writers –

Niche Markets: Romance Writers, Historical Romance Writers, Fantasy Writers

The more specific you can be, the better. Really hone in on who you want to go after.

I’ve decided to go after Dating and Soap Operas to start. This opens up a world of possibilities. In the next few weeks I’ll be contacting different online sites around the World, introducing myself  and my show to them for their viewers.

I’ll keep you posted on my progress.
Happy Marketing!

Devin Mills

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