When great writers offer you writing tips they always include “Just Be Yourself” in the mix.  Easy for someone else to say, but how can you be yourself if you don’t know what that is?(So this indirectly helps when creating your web series because the old adage “write what you know” comes into play here.)

There are blogs all over the internet about this theme, and even the great Socrates preached “know thyself.” (and eventually was sentenced to death for teaching this among other things to the youth of ancient Greece.) 🙁

So know thyself or in other words, “Who am I?” This is a question I’ve been pondering lately.

Out in the world (if you’re like me) you probably wear a lot of hats. Here’s some of mine (in no particular order):

Web Series Creator, Girlfriend, Friend, Mom, Sister, Producer, Singer, Actor, Writer, Workout Enthusiast, Voracious Reader, Tango Dancer…and there’s probably a few more, just can’t think of them now.

And others probably see me as one or more of those hats. And that’s all well and good out in the world, but that’s not really who I am.

So then I wondered “how do I see me?”


Well, I’d like to believe I’m an honest, trustworthy, soul who doesn’t want to hurt anyone. I’m creative, confident, driven, loving, nurturing, (but hold on now) definitely not a saint!

After reflecting on this for a while I came across  a book called “The Happiness Project,” by Gretchen Rubin.

In it Gretchen has her own twelve commandments for creating a happy life.  The first one?  Just be Gretchen.

The Happiness Project

So I began wondering how to “just be myself.”  A tall order especially when I’m wondering just who she is.

I’ve lived my life (consciously and unconsciously) for so many others – often playing the role of the “People Pleaser” so as to not get hurt or to hurt anyone else. But in being a people pleaser the real me kind of got lost along the way.

And a recent trip to church didn’t help either. It was synchronistic that the topic from the minister that day was, “Who Are You?” (there are no accidents, right?) But after listening to him for almost an hour I came away with Pray, Meditate, and Reflect on being Godlike cause that’s who you are.

Well, what about those of us who don’t pray, meditate or reflect regularly? Are we just out on our bums on this one? Or are we gonna be forced to pray, meditate and reflect daily even though our hearts really aren’t in it. (I know what you’re thinking and yes I have done all this before) 🙂

I guess I’ll just have to give it more thought and keep reading humor filled self help books…hey, life could be worse.

I wonder…do you know who you are? If so, how did you come to learn that about you?  If not are you trying to figure it out?  How?

I’d love your thoughts on this.

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