With Season One under our belts and endless lessons learned, I am proud to announce “Dating In The Middle Ages,” (DITMA as we lovingly refer to our series) is going before cameras in March 2013 to shoot Season Two.

This season we are happy to introduce Samantha’s Mother, Fiona Fleming played by the lovely Deidre Hall

Samantha’s Daughter, Rachel Collins (Courtney Merritt)

and Nick Hamilton (played by hunk Matthew Ashford) as Samantha’s love interest.

Of course there are bad dates, and this season Samantha tackles (albeit humorously) some of the challenges of middle-aged dating while also trying to overcome a bad dose writer’s block.

Look for a Spring 2013 release here on the website and on our You Tube Channel.

Watch Season One here:

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Sending DITMA love,
Devin Mills
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